About us

Established in 1980, Steps Footsocks has grown to be the biggest manufacturer of invisible socks worldwide and owns a production facility in Poland and Cambodia. The creation of new products and development of new technologies constantly takes place and over the years we have developed a wide product and service range, including all kind of unique invisible socks and washingbags and services like designing packaging lay outs.

We hold several patents on products and technologies, which makes us always one step ahead on other invisible socks suppliers. The products that we offer distinguish themselves from other invisible socks by the invisibility, are manufactured totally seamless and have the perfect non-slip fit.

With our in-house processes for producing, dyeing and packing the products, in combination with the great possibilities of our own packaging production department, we can guarantee our customers high quality, short lead time and perfect delivery. All our products and services comply with the international regulations and certifications.

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Our core values

Our team of specialists all over the world will always be of your full assistance.


Production facility Cambodia


Head- and sales office the Netherlands


Production facility Poland