Our technology


Twisting is a very essential process in the production of yarn, it prepares the yarn for our production. Twist is inserted to the yarn to hold the constituent fibres together, thus giving enough strength to the yarn, and also producing a continuous length of yarn. The twist in the yarn has a two-fold effect; firstly the twist increases cohesion between the fibres by increasing the lateral pressure in the yarn, thus giving enough strength to the yarn. Secondly, twist increases the helical angle of fibres and prevents the ability to apply the maximum fibre strength to the yarn. The continuous filament yarn also requires a small amount of twist in order to avoid the fraying of filaments and to increase abrasion resistance. Yarns used for soft-surfaced fabrics have less twist than those used for smooth-surfaced fabrics. Yarns made into crepe fabrics have maximum twist.




After twisting the yarn, the yarn is ready to go to the production department. Here a hundreds of machines, running 24/7 to produce our invisible socks. We make our patented invisible socks on circular knitting machines. In this process we create a invisible sock in a couple minutes on every machine. All our machines are computerized. We can produce every invisible sock. Our patented invisible socks with comfort band comes ‘ready to dye’ from the machines. Our Classic invisible socks goes straight after production to our Confection department, before dyeing.




Our Classic invisible socks will be confectioned after production and before dyeing. We have experienced and solid sewers, who sews the elastic band into the invisible socks. This process is all human work by hand. On this confection department, we also sew cushions into invisible socks, and make our washingbags.

The elastic band we use for our Classic invisible socks, we also produce by ourselves. We can produce everything in-house.



Our factory also has her own dye house. We can dye our invisible socks, of all different compositions, in all colours. We have our standard colours, but can also develop new colours for customers. Every sock with a different composition, is different in dyeing. Therefore every colour on every invisible sock, has its own dyeing recipe. Dying is a complex and chemical process, and needs to be done very carefully. At our factory, the waste water after dying will be recycled in our own water purification system. For more information about our water purification system please see water purification.

Laboratory dye house

At our dye house we have a laboratory where we are testing with our chemicals and dye bases to create the perfect recipes for every colour.

We have a Datacolor machine, where we can test the colour of our dyed socks. With this machine we can exactly see if the colour on the socks matches the pantone colour.

In the laboratory we also do colour fastness test, resistance of the colour on the material. We test the colour fastness to rubbing (wet and dry), washing and water.

Additional extra’s?

After dyeing, it’s possible to add a special extra to the invisible socks. We can add a cushion sole, which prevents pain while walking and it gives you extra comfort. Beside our invisible socks in all kind of colours, it’s also possible to have a (microfiber)invisible socks with a print. We have multiple prints you can choose. If you want your own print, this is also possible.


In every invisible socks it’s possible to put silicone in the comfort band of the socks, or add a silicone oval in the heel.

Silicone in the comfort band of the socks is a patented technology. The silicone is placed at the pressure point of the invisible sock, the comfort band. This is an extra prevention for slipping-off.


We deliver our invisible socks unpacked, in bulk, but it’s also possible to deliver our invisible socks packed in the packaging our customer requires. The packing of our products takes place at our own packing department. Beside packing by hand, we also have a packingmachine. This is a fast and secure way of packing.
Due our packing service, we can deliver a total and ready to send product. invisible socks in a packaging, including hook, stickers or polybags, anything you require, in export cartons ready to distribute.