Green program

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As market leader in footsocks, we feel responsible, and we have done many investments to act ‘green’. Our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world generations to come.


Organic cotton

In our Green Line we have invisible socks of organic cotton. Organic means that the cottonplant grows without pesticides and fertilizer. The cotton grows slower, but becomes stronger and more beautiful. It’s also healthier for workers and better for nature.

LED lightning

The lightning in the factories of Steps Footsocks is all LED lightning. We’ve done an investment to replace all lightning for LED. With this kind of lightning we reduce CO2 in our factories. And it creates a better work environment for our employees.

FSC-certified paper & carton

Steps Footsocks is helping to protect the world’s forest for the future. Products carrying the FSC logo are certified to guarantee they contain wood or pulp from forest that are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and the lifes of forest-dependent people.

Solar energy

As market leader with 2 big factories, you can imagine how many energy we need, and how much CO2 we would produce if we won’t work with sustainable energy. For this reason Steps Footsocks has invested in solar panels.


Energy efficient manufacturing

How energy is used is perhaps the most important consideration when operating a factory. We are responsible for using that energy as efficiently as possible. Steps Footsocks is aware of the issues surrounding climate change.

Recyclable nylon

Safeguarding our resources before it’s too late simply makes sense, for all of us. To meet the global awareness for eco friendly processes, Steps Footsocks uses pre consumed recycled nylon for our Green Line. It minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and conserves crude oil.

Environmental Benefits over 1 year

CO2 Emission Saved: 20.288,31 kg
Equivalent Trees Planted: 67,8
Light Bulbs Powered: 156.836,05 For a day